kid facts about africa
Africa is one of the most populous continents on earth with an approximate population of roughly one billion people – almost twice the South American population.
It is composed of almost 54 countries which are mostly Anglophone and francophone, having been colonized largely by the Great Britain and France.
Regarded as the melting pot of diverse cultures, Africa is a blessed continent replete with an abundance of attractive tourist destinations and historical sites. Some of the most popular geographical wonders include Mount Kilimanjaro found in the Republic of Tanzania, the Lake Victoria in the eastern part of Africa and arguably the most famous River in the world, the Nile.
South Sudan serves as the newest kid on the block, having attained its independence recently after decades of turmoil, while Seychelles is known to be the tiniest country by land mass.
Africa is also known for its abundance of immeasurable talent from great sportsmen such as the legendary Gebrselassie of Ethiopia, Paul Tergat of Kenya and the iconic Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast.
There are lots of languages spoken across the continent with Nigeria alone having 500. The most common include Swahili, Zulu and Tswana.